Friday, January 15, 2010

Democrats scrambling for a Sinking Ship Spin

There has been a sea change in the way Democrat pundits and Stonewall News Media reporters and writers are spinning the Senate race in Massachusetts. The polls are shifting towards the Republican and no amount of blaming the pollsters is going to change the results.

The new spin is that Coakley is a weak candidate who ran a weak campaign. She deserves to lose. Uh -huh. How could she not beat a Republican. In Massachusetts. When the candidate is stupid.
(this last quip suggested by the brilliant Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory with the over used "you won't find him up late at night at Mensa meetings" joke).

Note: Two columns into your "new" career at the Globe and the tired old saws are already back?

From Jonah Goldberg at NRO:

The Democrats’ “bad climate” is a direct result of how they’ve governed. The populist backlash is fueled by a sense that Democrats are acting on their preferred agenda and by their own rules. From the shenanigans of the people who write our tax code and collect our taxes to special deals and secret arrangements for big businesses and legislators who play ball, the Democrats have abandoned transparency in favor of transparent arrogance.

Dems don't want anyone (particularly Dems) to believe the good ship Demcrat Majority is going down from anything other than the dumb luck of presenting a feeble candidate.


Anonymous said...

Yes, another example of liberals trying to say that Coakley's unpopularity is due to her personally, rather than the antipathy to liberal policies, was Mike Barnicle's crack that Martha has no if she's doing poorly politically because voters don't like her looks. They like to suggest that voters are stupid -- when in reality it's comments like that that are stupid.

commoncents said...

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