Friday, January 15, 2010

Coronation Interruptus

Cigars, a little cognac and some lovely mahogany private function rooms at Boston's best hotels. This is how the fat cat Massachusetts democrats have envisioned the evening of January 19th. The night of the coronation of Martha Coakley as US Senator from Massachusetts. Things would be over quickly, the early returns assuring a 30 point win for Martha and a humiliating defeat to yet another Quixotic Republican. Plenty of jokes about his stupid pick-up truck ads and insults about his daughter's failed attempt on American Idol. In the labor union halls the beer is swilled as the paid sign holders for Coakley revel in their defeat of yet another fiscal buzz killer. An argument or two might break out when someone suggests that they just voted to have their Cadillac health care plans taxed. Things quiet down when they nervously agree that "that'll never happen".

The bluest state in America. Ten Congressmen - Ten Democrats. Two Senators - Two Democrats. One Governor - One Democrat. A state legislature that is 94% Democrat. The only state to vote for McGovern. Nuclear free zone Cambridge, also referred to proudly as "the Peoples Republic of Cambridge". In Massachusetts you vote Democrat or you keep your mouth shut if you don't. When things get done in Massachusetts it is the will of Democrats only. No Republican input.

The result: near the top in all taxes, near the top in the misery index. Corruption that has several state reps, senators in jail or heading there. When an electorate passed a referendum to lower the income tax the Democrat government broke constitutional law and refused to lower the tax. Recently the sales tax was increased by 25% in a dead of the night vote. It's when the Democrats do their best work. Just ask Pelosi and Reid on the federal level.

But lately Coakley's challenger has shown some staying power and in 2 polls Scott Brown holds a lead. It is now perceived as a statistical dead heat. Could people in Massachusetts be waking up? Have they finally had enough?

It's a David vs. Goliath story with tens of millions of dollars from out-of-state Democrat organizations pouring in this week to flood the airways with negative ads. The Democrats are running scared and the Obama administration must be feeling just a little Marie Antoinette-like.

Revolution is coming and heads are going to roll.


Anonymous said...

Great summary of the arrogance and corruption of a one-party state. It would be funny if I didn't live here. Keep up the good work!

Jack said...

Thanks. Let's hope the Brown supporters show up Tuesday.