Friday, January 15, 2010

His bags probably fly free

President Obama is rumored to be making a visit to Boston this Sunday in support of Democrat Senate candidate Martha Coakley. Though it will be a quick plane trip President Obama will be carrying a lot of baggage with him.

Bag number 1:
Obama recently visited Virginia gubernatorial candidate Democrat Creigh Deeds before his November election bid.
Creigh Deeds lost

Bag number 2:
He strongly supported and often visited Democrat Governor John Corzine of New Jersey.
John Corzine lost

Bag number 3:
The city of Chicago was in line for the 2016 Olympics - most thought they were a shoe-in; President Obama and First Lady Michelle visited Europe to seal the deal on the eve of voting.
Chicago lost - Big

Obama's favorability rating has dropped from 72% in February to 47% now. Are you sure you want Obama to show up, Martha?

And who will escort the President from the airport? The Massachusetts State Police have already endorsed Scott Brown and I doubt that the "stupid"(BO's words) Cambridge police are likely able to find their way to Logan.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! And so true. You have to give Obama credit -- he's made politics so absurd, our comedy industry has been reinvigorated.

Jack said...

Olbermann, Chris Matthews et al. I think someone's head will actually explode if Coakley loses.
Too delicious.