Monday, January 18, 2010

An enormity of meaning

The shockwaves resulting from a Republican win in Massachusetts for a US Senate seat that was last held by Ted Kennedy are being greatly UNDERstated. Yup I said understated.

Living here in Massachusetts it is much easier to be cognizant of this.

I have lived here for 38 years. I am a registered Democrat primarily because I know that the only value a primary vote would have for me here is to help elect the lesser of any Democrats running for an elected seat. Can you imagine that? The Democrats are always guaranteed a win except for a few exceptions in the case of the governor.

We have 10 members of the US House of Representatives. They are all Democrats. We have 2 US Senators. They are both Democrats. The Attorney General is a Democrat. The Secretary of State is a Democrat. Get this - the state legislature - Senators and Representatives - of which there are over 200, are 94% Democrat.

And again, this was Ted Kennedy's seat. The avowed single most liberal member of the Senate!

There are 3 times the number of registered Democrats as Republicans. A 37 to 12 advantage.

The national margin for Obama over McCain was 7%. In Massachusetts 26%.

You think a win by Brown won't be an absolute shocker? 10 Democrat Congressmen and women will be running for election this year. They NEVER have legitimate competition from Republicans.

My guess is this year that is going to change. Big time.

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