Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chavez to Ax Last Remaining Opposing TV Station

The socialist's view of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez can be seen in the very biased documentary "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised". It paints Chavez as a benevolent dictator who wants to bring his country's people out of poverty. The documentary title seems ironically accurate today.

Globovision is the remaining counterweight to state television, which airs only praise for Chavez while attacking opposition politicians on a late-night talk show called "The Razorblade."

Chavez is trying to shut the last free-speech TV station down.

US Rep William Delahunt and Joe Kennedy, both of Massachusetts - Chavez' most ardent fans in the US, always seem to overlook this major flaw in the bully's character. They were chortling sycophants of Chavez when he spent most of his time insulting and belittleing President Bush on the international stage. Great fun.

Let's see if they, or Hugo's book buddy in the White House, have anything to say about free speech.

Expect crickets.


Kate said...

I seem to remember trying to encourage you to watch this documentary. Have you watched it yet? Say more about why you found it "very biased"...

Jack said...

Haven't watched it but did watch a counter documentary NOT produced by a film crew that was there at the time to produce a glowing documentary about Chavez when the coup broke out.

"THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED is a propaganda film designed to distort the Venezuelan reality that occurred on april 11, 2002. What has now been widely called a coup against Hugo Chavez. Its authors used the good faith and patronage of recognized European TV Corporations as the BBC, RTE, ZDF, NPS/Cobo, Arte and YLE. "X Ray of a lie" shows the grave omissions, informative bias and direct lies of the film."

Chavez has endeavored to change the voting laws in Venezuela so that he can be elected for life. He has a record of squelching free speech in his country by threatening owners and operators of radio and television stations.

The man who ran against him recently and lost is in exile in fear of his life.

The article linked in my post describes how he is threatening to close down a television station that disagrees with him. Did you read it?

Documentaries can be manipulated easily to create a view that is simply not honest. I believe that is what has happened here.