Sunday, May 3, 2009

Perhaps the Bloom is Coming Off the Rose

When you've broken enough campaign promises to piss off the far left (military tribunals make sense, Iraq stay -Afghanistan ramp up, sovereign Pakistan gets invaded)but kept enough to piss off the far right (largest pork-laden bill in history by a factor of 4) and now have a middle class that is paying attention because they see the big tax hammer coming down soon - then the numbers are going to eventually start working in the wrong direction.

The question is will this affect the 2010 mid-term elections? The Main Stream Media is going to have to come to the rescue again and blaming the previous administration is starting to wear thin.

Imagine where the numbers would be if people actually reported on the facts about the new administration.


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Anonymous said...

Can you compare poll results on Obama re surveys that sample the general public vs those that sample registered voters who actually voted in the last election? Those are the people who will give us an idea of what might happen in the next election. I'm looking for a glimmer of hope that we can undo some of the BO damage.