Monday, May 11, 2009

It Was a Comedic Endeavor. Get over it.

I like Wanda Sykes. She's very funny. She's particularly funny often acting as the indignant black woman on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and it's a great schtick. Yes, it's the first joke about 9/11 that I've heard if you want to talk about the Rush Limbaugh, Oxycontin, 20th terrorist thing. And how could Obama not smile - it was funny. Rush Limbaugh dishes out an awful lot, I'm sure he can take this. He probably laughed himself.

Maybe the jokes appeared a little too true. "You all voted for me" Obama said to the press corps. They laughed and I hope felt a little embarassed by it. Yup the flyover joke might have been a little too close to home as plenty of people including me are still angered by it. But hey, Jon Favreau is edgy, he grabbed a cardboard cut out of Hilary Clinton and squeezed her corrugated boobs for the internet. The man's edgy. Obama trusts this 27 year-old frat boy to be his wit mentor the way we trust our barber to get the area around our ears just right.

Sure, we all think we learned something about Obama Saturday night and we did. Being indignant about it is pointless.

Move on, nothing to see here.


Anonymous said...

You're right, we shouldn't play the humorless liberal game of feigned indignation. And yes, Wanda Sykes is very funny - she feigns feigned indignation, but just wants to make people laugh. Can't believe, though, that any in the White House press corps felt even a twinge of embarrassment about his jibe that "you all voted for me." Rather, they all felt great pride in his saying that. "Yes, we love loving you." Not exactly the 'tude we need in the 4th estate.

Jack said...

At least Chris Matthews of MSNBC was honest about it. With leg a'tingling he said "My job is to make this presidency work."

They all switched jobs from President Bush's tenure when their job was clearly to "make this presidency fail".