Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time to Sniff the Air When a Politician Exclaims "And I Repeat..."

It's a sure sign they're lying. Think Nancy Pelosi now, Bill Clinton during MonicaGate.

Nancy's indignance belies the truth. She claims that she was never told that any of these enhanced interrogation procedures - otherwise known as "torture" to lefties, that were described to her in great detail were actually used on anyone.

She made sure we dunderheads knew it was true when she exclaimed "and I repeat....."

Last week the CIA released a report basically calling her a liar, and today her aide confirmed that she indeed had been briefed about Abu Zubaydah's waterboarding in 2003. Saying she knew nothing about it allowed her to excoriate the Bush Administration and to justify releasing memos about enhanced interrogation techniques that have weakened the US intelligence efforts and will cost American military lives.

Where is the goddamned media on this? Where is the goddamned media on Murtha's corruption? Where is the goddamned media on Auntie Zeituni? Where is the goddamned media on the Chrysler bankruptcy gestapo? Where is the goddamned media on Chris Dodd's illegal mortgages, Charlie Rangel's illegal rent-controlled apartments and on and on.

Where is the goddamned media anyway?


Anonymous said...

"Where is the goddamned media anyway?" Speaking like this, are you auditioning to be Obama's new pastor?

Anonymous said...

It's like we're living in the movie The Body Snatchers. Everyone has drunk the Kool Aid, fewer and fewer people care about the outrageous corruption and sophomoric clowns running the federal government.

Jack said...

Anon 1. Perhaps I was a little strong in my comments about the media. But, given the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend, I think it's clear just where the goddamned media is.

Anon 2. I wish it were a movie, then I could walk out and ask for a refund.