Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solving the Economy. Simply and Quickly.

I read a version of this in a comments section of a blog so I don't claim originality. However, I've modified the plan a fair amount and have added a bit of factual backup.

Sixty percent of workers over 60 are delaying their retirement. In fact, almost half of new jobs in recent years were claimed by this workforce. Let's give them an opportunity to fix the economy by letting them retire early. In fact, let's aim at the folks over 55 who make up 900,000 of the job force.

The government will offer them this deal: Here is a 1 million dollar check for you. But, you must quit your job and not seek a new job for at least two years. And with your 1 million dollars you must buy a new American built car getting over 30 miles to the gallon and trash your old one unless it's getting over 30 mpg already in which case you give it to someone in need. And you must buy a two year membership in a health club.

Nearly 1 million new jobs immediately. Unemployment rate drops to 6 percent!

Nearly 1 million new cars sold immediately. Auto industry saved. Unemployment drops to 5 percent!

Long term pollution and energy problems on their way to being solved.

Long term healthcare problem drastically improved as more fit populace stay away from hospitals.

And the cost? 1 million times 1 million = 1 trillion dollars

This will pay for itself as corporate taxes feed back into the system with healthier profits and therefore bigger corporate tax returns.

Oh, and no bailouts to anyone; banks, financial institutions and so on. Let the chips fall where they may.

This also eliminates all of the pork barrel spending by the Congress doling out the 4 trillion that was proposed for the stimulus/bailout that is predicted to cost more like 10 trillion over 10 years.

Pretty easy. Let's do it. Everything fixed in 90 days!

And remember, this is a government offer, it is not mandated. If we don't get enough takers we move down to 54 year olds.

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Kate said...

I like this idea.