Monday, May 25, 2009

Obama: Move on, nothing to see here.

One might have guessed from Obama's Apology and Appeasement Tour '09 that our new administration is taking the 3 Chimps approach to foreign affairs. Even the Washington Post is taking note of Obama's lack of concern as book buddy, Hugo Chavez, decimates what was left of democracy in Venezuela:

Mr. Chávez is following a path well worn by the likes of Juan Perón and Alberto Fujimori -- not to mention his mentor, Fidel Castro. But this may be the first time that the United States has watched the systematic destruction of a Latin American democracy in silence. As Mr. Chávez has implemented the "third phase" of his self-styled revolution, the Obama administration has persisted with the policy of quiet engagement that the president promised before taking office

Whoa, "quiet engagement" seems to be more on the quiet and less on the engagement part.

With North Korea's nuke test, Iran's missile test and warship saber rattling all this weekend we can expect more "look the other way, we got a nanny state we're busy creatin' here" attitude from the One.

We were promised a "new America" and we're definitely getting it.

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