Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now that the Palin Wardrobe Investigation is Finally Over...

and of course, no improprieties were found.

Maybe the FEC (and the media) can turn their attention on a couple of seemingly more important election fraud issues.

1. It is estimated that the Obama campaign received over 100 million of its record breaking donations from overseas donors. Even 1 penny of foreign donations is illegal by Federal Election Laws. Now that they have stopped getting excited over Palin's lacy underwear maybe they have time to look into this?

2. ACORN. Thirteen lawsuits of voter registration fraud and the recent unearthing of the New York Times burying a story of how the Obama administration had constant contact with ACORN during the election. This is also a direct violation of Federal Election Laws.

There are others, many others, but let's start with the two above. Put away the highly scrutinized digital photos of Sarah Palin's handbags to see if they might be designer brands and do your jobs!

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