Friday, May 8, 2009

Have you ever seen Press Secretary Gibbs and Baghdad Bob in the same room?

We're supposed to believe that Obama is a budget cutter trying to save the public because he wants to trim 17 billion dollars from next years budget.

If all of the proposed cuts go through (and of course they won't with a Democratically controlled Congress) it would be a cut of 1/2 of 1% on a 4 Trillion dollar budget.

That's on a budget that is an increase of 7.7% from the prior year. The media is going along of course and have suggested Obama is quite the spending cutter. Unfortunately during yesterday's press briefing some nitwit had the gall to point this idiocy out.

Q But he's not cutting $17 billion. He's cutting programs worth $17 billion, but there are more than $17 billion worth of expansion, expanded programs, and new programs. There isn't a $17 billion cut from projected budget cuts.

MR. GIBBS: Well, there's 17 -- I'll go back and look at the transcript. You just said there are not $17 billion in cuts; there's $17 billion in cuts to programs.

Q Right.

Q It's not net.

Q It's not net, right.

Q Not net.

So McCain's proposed 18 billion dollar cuts in earmarks were laughably small to Obama during the campaign because of the minor impact they would have on a 1/2 Trillion dollar deficit. But 17 billion in cuts is meaningfull against a budget of 4Trillion and a deficit approaching 12 Trillion.

I didn't catch this part on the network news last night, did you?


Anonymous said...

Baghdad Bob seemed a lot funnier. Gibbs doesn't know he's a joke.

Jack said...

Excellent perception. Gibbs is snarky and hasn't answered a direct question with a direct answer yet and he's been at this 4 months. I think even this lapdog press corps will eventually tire of his act.

QuietMan0307 said...

So you think he'll jump the snark?

Jack said...

Given his rotundity I doubt he could jump a slice of American cheese.