Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beware the Newest Smokescreen

Obama's favorability numbers are plummeting. His Euro/Afro tour is not getting all the sustained press fawning that the the great Apology and Appeasement Tour '09 received that came earlier.
Health care proposals are being scrutinized by both parties and some pragmatists recognize that Cap and Tax would be a disaster based on a lie (anthropogenic global warming).

What's a Messiah to do?

Bring in the AG to.....Indict the Bush Administration! For something. Anything.

This will serve to keep the press busy for the rest of the summer (we already know how this press loves a good Bush bashing story) and Obama can appear as though he doesn't really think this is appropriate. Wag the dog!

Incidentally Obama is now saying that he never said that the stimulus would help immediately, he said it would take two years. Remember? Me neither.

He gave a different view when he was shilling the plan at Caterpillar Corporation, and he got caught.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of global warming, are experts on climate change claiming that the record rainfall in May and June in New England (while drought in Seattle) is a result?

Jack said...

2009 will probably represent the 11th straight year of falling global temperatures and increasing CO2 levels.

This runs exactly opposite to Al Gore's fearmongering, but it didn't prevent him from buying a 100ft pontoon cruising boat and enlarging his 17 million dollar house.

Al Gore, like PT Barnum knows that "a sucker is born every minute".

Anonymous said...

At this rate of global warming, we'll have a new Ice Age before the next century.