Thursday, July 30, 2009

Krugman, wake up, Canadians come HERE for their health care

Poor Paul. Those facts keep whacking you in the face. Maybe you should lay low for August too.


Anonymous said...

I was reluctant to check out your Krugman video because he's so wormy and it's painful to watch him, but I thought Jourtegrity Lost hasn't led me astray on other such urgings, so I watched it and I'm glad I did. That was one of those rare instances when a pompous liberal is forced to face a factual, unpleasant reality of his own making; namely, the decline of Canada's healthcare due to govt regulation and bureaucracy.

Jack said...

Krugs is such a brown noser for Teh One. He's been wrong on so many predictions about the economy you wonder how he gets all the face time. I think it's because he looks insane and could pull a nutty on camera anytime.