Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Shining Light Ever Dimming

Frankly we might as well call it what it is. Eisenhowerian isolationism. We stick our nose in No One's business (save Afghanistan where we're increasing our military might daily) under Obama.

It's peace, love, and let's make sure everyone in our country has a right to Waygu beef.

Ben Shapiro at explains our quickly waning interest in human rights wrongs.

Somewhere in the dark unknown blotch that is North Korea, there is a young man bent beneath a heavy burden. He is dozens of pounds underweight, fed on corn and salt, hunched over at the waist. His teeth are turning black, and several have already fallen out. He suffers from diarrhea and fever.
Every so often, he watches as the camp guards shoot disobedient prisoners in the head.Sometimes, he watches as camp doctors lead young pregnant women into a room here they perform forced abortions. The young man will die before he hits 50;he'll be lucky to make it to 40. He will die in chains, as his fathers and grandfathers did before him; according to a Korean Bar Association report released this week, hundreds of thousands have suffered the same fate.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls his government "unruly."


Anonymous said...

I don't think of Ike as an isolationist. He wasn't an interventionist, though. What's in the middle of the two? I like Ike.

Jack said...

I honestly used that term as it was taught to me in high school about Ike. It may be an unfair assessment as I frankly don't have a handle on what incidents or despotic regimes he may have been ducking. I should have "recalibrated" my terminology.