Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hugo helps the people make wise media choices

What's a President for if he can't keep the "people" from being inundated with all this newsy stuff?

Chavez, Bush hater and Obama BFF, thinks the media should just be quiet and only cover issues that are favorable to the country's leader - kinda like our very own New York Times.

He said the government is developing eight new laws or reforms of existing laws that will have an impact on the media, including one that creates a new set of "media crimes" punishable with prison sentences.

When are people who are so in love with this dictator going to admit that he is NOT what they had hoped and believed he was. He throws bones (very small, bitter bones) to the disadvantaged to get votes, and then rules a totalitarion government with an iron fist.
Update: "freedom of expression must be limited"

Update 2

Curiouser and curiouser. 34 radio stations shut down and no comment from our Prez.


Anonymous said...

But Joe Kennedy loves him!

Kate said...

So Chavez is Obama's BFF? Funny, I thought journalistic integrity would seek to avoid sarcastic overstatements such as these.

Jack said...

They hugged, they shook hands, he accepted an American bashing book from Chavez and listened to a speech about how horrible America is. Since then Obama has remained silent as Chavez has stifled freedom of speech and press in Venezuela.

BFF an overstatement? Perhaps. But on the international stage perception is reality and it appears that Obama and Chavez are in many ways kindred spirits.