Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not your father's revolution

This revolution appears to have a different face than most people expected. Not too many long haired hippies (although there are a few) and the music is less 10 Years After and more Big and Rich.

The Tea Party phenomenon of the last few months appears to be growing. Regular folks, not just college students or potheads seem to be taking time out of their days and mostly weekends and evenings (most have jobs) to let their legislators know that generally they are very concerned about government taking over many aspects of what once was private enterprise. The healthcare plan is a hot button that triggers a great deal of the recent, let's give it a nice radical term, unrest.

Senator Claire McCaskill made the blunder of kicking these middle class warriors off her sidewalk last week as they were protesting the socializing of healthcare. Last night the rowdies took over McCaskill's town hall meeting (that she couldn't attend!)

Power to the people.


Anonymous said...

That video was both inspiring and hilarious -- inspiring in that the patriots are speaking out in the spirit of Tom Paine, and hilarious in Claire McNumbSkull running like a skunk from the tea party.

Jack said...

I think the August recess is going to be interesting for our legislators this year. Voters/citizens are holding them accountable.