Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Press Developing A Backbone?

You can bet that Baghdad Bobby Gibbs will let Chip know in a little one-on-one that he had better not be so free and open with his questioning. The smarm from Gibbs is wearing thin..

And Helen Thomas is my new press heroine.


Anonymous said...

You said it quite well: "the smarm from Gibbs is wearing thin." That is a very revealing exchange...and a hopeful sign that maybe the media would like some of its dignity restored. Keep up the good work!

Jack said...

Thanks. I believe that guys like Jake Tapper are starting a revolution of sorts.

Anonymous said...

I've had a positive impression of Jake Tapper for some time -- I didn't quite know why, other than he seemed to be trying to report on a story in an insightful, rather than predictable, way. You should send him the link to your blog. I think he'd appreciate it.