Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jim DeMint. Idiot.

Two points Mr. DeMint.

1. It's not and should never be personal.  If you disagree with Obama's policies fine.  Attack the policies, not the man.  "Breaking" Obama and sending him to his "Waterloo" demonstrates that you think this is personal, it's not.  If it is for you, you have no right to represent ANYONE in our government.  

2. By making it personal you have provided the Democrats with ammunition that bears witness to the belief that disagreeing with Obama is only for mean-spirited people.  It is of course unfair to paint all those who oppose many of Obama's policies/methods as taking part in the "politics of personal attack".  But your comment, both awful and stupid will help strengthen that perception and will be used by every member of the Obama media drool brigade for months.


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Anonymous said...

You are keerect, sir. DeMoron has given the Dumbocrats ammunition.