Monday, April 27, 2009

Double Standard

Remember when President Bush played golf once during the Iraq war? Reporters swarmed and the suggestion was that he should not be able to have time off during war time. Insensitive Republican President.

Obama plays a 5 hour round of golf and no reportage allowed. Also no after-the-fact stories about how insensitive it is during war time. Two wars and an economic crisis at home like we haven't seen in some time but Barack can play all the golf he wants with total protection from the adoring media. Double standard? Of course.

Maybe during his next round the Prez can contemplate appointing a Health and Human Services Secretary to help us with a possible swine flu problem.

By the way that slacker Bush had his entire cabinet nominated and confirmed by Feb 2nd of his first term.

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Anonymous said...

Remember when President Clinton golfed...and he'd be caught giving himself mulligans all the time? Hilarious. Still, I guess it makes more sense than those golfers who get all bent out of shape when they lose their balls after an errant shot and then blame other players for not having spotted where their balls ended up.