Friday, April 3, 2009

The Frat boys' joke on the rich uncle

So that trillion dollars for the IMF? The frat boys want Uncle Hsu to kick in the biggest amount. Perfect picture.

from the site

Mr Brown claimed that China had agreed a $40bn contribution to IMF funds. Chinese authorities could not confirm that last night. The IMF declined to comment.

The joke's on us folks. China has bankrolled our current and near future debt. If they stop and call in the loans - the pork-laden, gravy train stimulus bill will bury us.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but fortunately for the US, China also realizes that if they call for quick payment, our economy would quickly go down -- and we'd take them with us. Without our consumers, their economy would drastically decline too. They are even more of a paper tiger, economically speaking, than the US. You don't think they're being tolerant of our debtor ways because they're compassionate, do you?

Jack said...

They are growing into a mighty superpower while Obama's Apology and Appeasement Tour '09 shows figuratively and literally we now fing ourselves bowing to the rest of the world.