Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama needs a Protocol Teleprompter

On his Apology Tour '09 our president, Barack Obama, has managed to show his and his staff's (500 people no less) utter lack of knowledge of cultures outside of Chicago, Illinois. Obama has managed to give the Queen an Ipod (manufactured in China), has had his wife touch the Queen, referred often to Britain as England (they hate that) and did a deep bow to the King of Saudi Arabia (his subjects don't even do that!) and put more people to sleep with his long-winded oratory than your brother-in-law at Thanksgiving. And of course these are only the things we know. Imagine the things we aren't hearing at all.

If George Bush did any one of the things above there would have been calls for impeachment hearings. We would have seen the bow in slow-mo 500 times with James Carville and Paul Begala offering snarky analysis. Leno and Letterman could lay off half their writing staffs for at least a month.

But not here in these United States of Obamerica. Mum's the word. The guy is a genius, the world loves him and man his wife's arms are cut! Please tell me again what the US got out of the G20 meetings other than a promise to deliver on the lion's share of a 1 trillion dollar gift to the IMF. The only person on to BHO is Sarkozy's wife.
The bow to the King of Saudi Arabia must have had the guy in stitches. He had to have had to bite hard not to laugh out loud. I'm sure the Middle Eastern oligarchies had an idea that America had lost its toughness by electing an isolationist like Obama but I can't imagine they could have dreamed it would be this easy or so overt.

I think Jed Clampett would have known better than to bow to an oil potentate.



Anonymous said...

I don't think Jed Clampett even bowed to Granny. Maybe he would have bowed to Giselle Bundschen, but that's a different story.

Jack said...

Or maybe Jed would have ducked while at Gisele and Tom's wedding to avoid the shotgun blasts.