Sunday, April 26, 2009

J-Nap is in the Hizzy

Don't you worry about that Swine Flu Epidemic. J-Nap is in control. Janet Napolitano who:
1. As Governor of Arizona allowed (and endorsed) the crossing of 5,000 illegal immigrants into her state...daily. Now where did that flu originate again....?

2. As Director of Homeland Security has outraged Canadians by suggesting that the suicide bombers of 9/11 came to the US through Canada (untrue of course)

3. As Director of Homeland Security has authorized memos suggesting that returning Iraq and Afghanistan military men and women are highly prone to dangerous "right wing extremism"

Girl's got it goin' on, doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

I think she's going to add you to her list of right-wing extremists. Congrats.

Jack said...

Bring it on J-Nap. I am after all, a US veteran.