Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why liberal talk radio never works

April 15th was the day that 600,000 plus fed-up Americans attended poorly organized, but truly heartfelt, protests about the ridiculous state of affairs the Obama administration and the one party government we now have has gotten us into.  The protests were peaceful and included some of the most clever signage I've ever seen.  It was a grass roots movement that deserved a respectful treatment in the media.  It got almost none.

At MSNBC and CNN punks Cooper, Maddow and Shuster along with various other dimwits decided rather than speak to the content of the rallies they would denigrate the participants with jokes, all of which revolved around the rather base play on words known as "teabagging".  If you're not "with it" enough to know what that means - good for you.  You don't watch enough Talk Soup, where all the clever people get their schadenfreude on by making fun of anyone on television who hasn't reached intellectual hipdom by surfing Facebook for hours on end at Starbucks while nursing a double espresso shot Machiatto.

Problem is that that joke was all they had.  MSNBC used the joke 51 times in 13 minutes.  I'm sure it was hilarious the first 45 or 46 times for your average airhead MSNBC viewer but the loyalest of fans had to at one point think - can't you throw a "George Bush is a stupid chimp" line in there once in awhile for variety?

Turns out liberals aren't really all that clever.  Teabagging was for them the equivalent of a 9 year old boy scout saying "boobs" to the other campers and getting nervous giggles all night.  It was so naughty, and look, we're getting away with it!  But it gets old and as Air America radio proves - it doesn't work as lasting entertainment. 

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