Friday, April 24, 2009

Obamanomics. Ouch.

A person normally is judged by the company one keeps and I would think that would extend to the cabinet one selects. Obama's choice for chief financial advisor is clearly asleep at the switch. Maybe he's faking it because to face what Obamanomics has wrought is very scary.
I think those who voted for Obama expected "The One" would bring prosperity to all. Setting the federal engraving office into hyper phony mode by printing trillions of dollars of fake money is easy. It's like having a big green EASY Button. And everyone loves more money - even if it's fake.

But to run a business (something Obama has never done) or to run a government (something Obama has never done)one needs money. Real money. Generated by the producers and workers of your own economy.

This chart shows how we're doing on the Real Money front. And don't look for this chart on the front page of the NYTimes, WaPo, BosGlobe or at HuffPO...

Oh, and the projected drop for April should hit near 50%.


Anonymous said...

The fact that the Globe has not printed prominent charts showing the rise of deficit spending and massive borrowing reflects the reality of a chart they DID show --the one showing their precipitous drop in circulation.

Jack said...

There appears to be alot of rearranging the deck chairs over there at the Boston Globe.