Saturday, April 18, 2009

Maybe he'll share the launch codes next

Obama this week shared with the world the minute exacting details of our efforts at coercive interrogation. The Justice Department has found that none of the CIA's practices are torture.
I'll repeat that none of the Bush Administration's efforts at coercive interrogation -none - including waterboarding constitute torture.

This report could have been issued without essentially revealing all of the details of our coercive interrogation tactics. Obama thought otherwise. Sharing is caring.

The Taliban however, have yet to release their list of coercive techniques.
Al Qaeda has yet to release their list of coercive techniques.
The Somali pirates are keeping mum on the subject too.

I used to carry a Geneva Convention card in my flight suit. The idea was to hand it to your captors so they would treat you with the respect outlined in the Geneva Convention. The joke was always hold it out to the side so the bullet passing through it won't hit you.

Thanks Obama, for putting our military men and women in more danger.

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