Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everyone loves the Obama war in Afghanistan

During the Bush war in Afghanistan we only killed women and children. Every AP story always led with a local tribal spokesman claiming that no insurgents or Taliban or Al Qaida or any bad guys died - just children - and women. The coalition claims of killing bad guys came later in the story and were usually discredited. These stories came daily it seemed and they seemed to heighten around....election time! Hmmm. Now if you check out the Obama war in Afghanistan and the illegal Obama war in Pakistan we only kill bad guys - no complaints by the locals!

Obama has authorized: first-17,000 more troops(3 weeks ago) and 4,000 more troops just last week. No complaining from the anti-war left. War is now okay.

Now that's jourtegrity!

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Anonymous said...

Half the Dem Left is still anti-any-war but they're biting their tongues still on Afghanistan. But at some point, maybe they'll decide that Obama is not perfect and it's OK to oppose him on the war there. Will they then notice how difficult it is to get the MSM to cover their protests? Will they then start to be concerned about jourtegrity too?