Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unprecedented indeed.

Please tell me why our President is so enamored of his response to this recession. In his latest speech he said...

"...we have responded to an extraordinary set of economic challenges with extraordinary action – action that has been unprecedented in both its scale and its speed."

Scale - that will triple the current deficit in 3 years - quadruple it in 10. All with borrowed money - money we don't have.

Speed - a stimulus package that blew through the Congress with no Republican support because he had the numbers and with absolutely no transparency - no five days for the American people and less than 8 hours for Congress.

Obama's FY09 budget is filled with pork projects something he promised would never happen, yet Obama is on tour touting how great this courageous plan is.

Run out tonight and load up all your credit cards to the max, pay no attention to what you're buying and tell your grandkids they have to pay the bills when they come in. That is what Obama and the thieves in Congress have done.

It's easy. Anyone can do it. But we're supposed to believe it's brilliant governing. It's extraordinary action.
Oh it's extraordinary action all right.

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Anonymous said...

I think his full quote was "action that has been unprecedented in its scale, its speed, and its stupidity" -- even though it seemed to undermine his point, he couldn't resist the alliteration.