Monday, November 17, 2008

Change. Or is that just the jingling in your pocket, Part 2

A hat tip to National Review Online

Here’s some change that supporters of President-elect Obama may not want to see: all of the policy commitments on specific issues have been removed from his transition Web site.
On Nov. 7, global health advocates noticed that some of the details of Obama’s “fight global poverty” statement had been removed. Specifically, the site no longer promised to fully fund debt cancellation for the world’s poorest countries or provide the full U.S. contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
Activists already were concerned, since boosting foreign aid was the one thing Obama mentioned during the campaign when asked what proposals he’d have to scale back due to the faltering economy...
By this morning, all of the issue-specific pages on the transition site had been removed from the agenda section. In its place, a statement that mentioned details but provided none at all: “The Obama Administration has a comprehensive and detailed agenda to carry out its policies.”

A discovery that Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews et al will conveniently forget to mention.

Hate Bush all you want, but no one ever had to cleanse his websites or campaign papers of promises that he had made to get votes.

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Anonymous said...

Obama promised change. He's changing promises. Close enough.