Thursday, November 20, 2008

My voters are more stupid than yours

Isn't that what the trailing candidate is hoping for when asking for a recount? After all, the only votes that can be caught at this point are for the voter who didn't fill out their ballot correctly. An errant pencil mark that might show a stupid (can't think of a kinder word) voter didn't fill in the correct bubble. And then it becomes a fight over what was the voter's intent (holy crap are we a nanny state or what?) . Anyway, surprise, surprise early recounting shows that - ding - yup Al Franken's voters are more stupid than Norm Coleman's.

Coleman fans (I'm one) don't despair just yet. Turns out most of the typical Republican counties come late in the count - December 1st - 3rd.

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Anonymous said...

ACORN is affirmative action for the certifiably stupid.