Sunday, November 16, 2008

Franken win or Franken lose - I can't decide

Not because he has any redeeming qualties. He has none. But I wonder if Franken winning under what already appear to be very questionable pre recount tactics wouldn't be a good thing. The ACORN sympathetic Secretary of State has allowed for 5 different after election night "adjustments" to occur to Franken's total - all of which increase his total thereby reducing the 700 vote lead to 200 for incumbent Republican Norm Coleman.

If this is indicative as to how the Secretary of State is going to adjudicate any voter intent issues in the recount you can bet Norm Coleman is toast. This loss linked with the Stevens apparent loss in Alaska and we have the 60 vote filibuster proof Senate margin. This may be a good thing. I think the drunk with power Pres, HR and Senate will take us extremely far left. The pain won't last long, this wacked out government will guarantee a move back to the center and a big pick up for the Repubs in 2010.

Plus funnyman Franken will serve up some real moronic statements for us all to laugh at. That is if Barney Frank's latest act gets stale.

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Anonymous said...

Frankenstein is funnier than Franken.