Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama will get my vote on this

Clinton for Secretary of State? Right on! I think she would be great. She's very knowledgeable, a high profile person (to show we take this stuff seriously) and can definitely play the hard ass when necessary. I'm all for it. This reminds me, however, of how very unfair the press was to Condi Rice - who is at least as bright as Clinton and was forceful when necessary. It is very difficult to carry yourself with respect and confidence (and be taken seriously) when your own press corps is sniping about you all the time. That was just one of the shameful injustices that the 4th Estate perpetrated on the Bush administration.


Anonymous said...

You are keerect, sir. Hillary is a smart cookie, but is she really the extraordinary "talented" person the mainstream media says she is? If you compare her skills and talents to Condi Rice (in language, music, knowledge, tact) she's not all that impressive. It's only when the MSM factors in Hillary's predictable establishment liberalism that they find her so amazing.

Jack said...

She's nearly as glib a pol as her husband and that may be why my perception of her is inflated. Lord knows the media loved her before Iowa and NH last year.