Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No mercy for Chuck Turner

The FBI photographed Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner allegedly taking a $1000 bribe. The man is in some serious trouble with the Feds. He'll probably go down. You begin to wonder if these FBI stings are entrapment and whether the guy should be cut some slack. But then I remembered this story that absolutely made my blood boil at the time.

Turner called a press conference to unveil some photos he had discovered that proved US military men were raping Iraqi women. Pretty far reaching stuff for a city councilor but Chuck's always been a grandstander. The Boston Globe, eager to put the Bush administration and American military men in as bad a light as possible, jumped on the story and even allowed the photos to be held up by Turner in their photo of the press conference. Of course, the Globe never vetted the facts in the case and guess what? - all the photos were fake and were taken from a pornographic website.

I hope Chuck loses his job for the $1000 bribe, but he should have lost it long ago for this vile trick he played on the men and women who have served honorably in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

To get an idea of Chuck's craziness check out his press conference -- http://www.necn.com/Boston/Politics/2008/11/24/Turner-goes-after-press-for/1227557473.html

Anonymous said...

Chuck now contends that the bribe was merely an unreported campaign contribution. Would anyone believe that? I guess he thinks at least one juror or judge would fall for that.