Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stay out of my yard

Joe Wurzleberger aka Joe the Plumber will probably say this the next time a presidential candidate tries to engage him in a conversation in his own yard. Turns out if you "speak truth to power" as Joe did in asking Obama why his tax increases would be so punitive to small businessmen you become an anti-democrat villain who needs to be excoriated by the press as a n'er do well. Ohio, Joe's home state, apparently is filled with state officials sympathetic to Barack Obama and tried hard to do their part to embarass JTP by digging into his private life by illegally accessing his records - through six different state agencies! Never have so many (Ohio agencies, MSM, ACORN, illegal foreign donors) done so much, for one presidential candidate, illegally.

I hope he's worth it.


Anonymous said...

Assuming that our republic remains free, at some point in the future the supposedly civil-liberties-loving media will look back in shame at this episode and admit that they were complicit in allowing it to happen. To think that the media can be so self-righteous in refusing to disclose its sources, yet allow govt bureaucrats to leak embarrassing info about a trusting citizen, well, it is a media SCANDAL.

Jack said...

Predictably, the normally high profile ACLU is protesting this, yet somehow it's getting no traction in the press.