Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I will now stop pulling my hair out

Obama's not a bad guy. Cute kids, his wife seems nice enough - maybe she doesn't really have a chip on her shoulder. His lack of experience is my main problem with him and the fact that he's never had any kind of executive experience. Never had to balance a budget, fight with the firefighter's union, work with Democrats and Republicans on anything. McCain did not hold executive office either mind you, but he did work across the aisle - alot. Lots of legislation, no pork. Obama's got all the answers but only to the questions he wants asked. Or get off my plane, now. And there in lies the rub.

The reason this blog is entitled jourtegrity (my own made up name - if you believe the google search engine)is because Obama was never vetted by the Main Stream Media. We know who they are - CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, the major newspapers; New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and the weeklies; Time, Newsweek et al. Most egregious of them all is the Associated Press, a once neutral pipeline of journalistic daily boilerplate feeding hundreds of newspapers nationwide - but now a clear and shameful extension of the Democratic National Committee. I didn't forget Fox, they are members of the Main Stream Media also, and very powerful I might add, but they're simply too far in the tank the other way to take seriously.

So what has happened? I would call it a total collapse of journalistic integrity. The sellout began when Bush eeked out Gore for the 2000 election. The ink stained wretches and teeth whiteners were so incensed that they began bashing Bush and his administration incessantly for the last 8 years with a short break to feign support for a short period after 9-11. This set up the "3rd Bush Term" narrative for Obama to run against McCain. How could he win? We have been told daily that Bush is the Worst. President. Ever. Frankly, for McCain/Palin to come within 5% is an accomplishment of epic proportions

So, if you happened to be among the 47% of Americans who voted for McCain/Palin and you paid attention at all to the way this election was covered, you had to be pulling your hair out like I was. Truth is I was actually starting to drink more because of it (no, really!). And I've found that I've been a little depressed. I have degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science and was sure that what I was seeing was temporary, and held my faith that the tenets of fairness and neutrality, the holy grails of journalism, would win out. How could this many people be willing to collectively destroy a once proud profession? Still unbelievable to me but I'm hoping the parade of real journalists who can no longer stay quiet has begun.

The NYT had an article the other day that suggested that "so maybe we were a little biased, sorry". And as I predicted the positive stories about Iraq are rolling in - somehow just missing the election cycle.


Anonymous said...

The really positive stories should start January 20 -- inauguration day -- and continue for how long? Six weeks? Six months? With fear and worry driving this economy down, we could sure use an early media honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

Say, my name's Jack too.

But anyway, more to the point: Obama's not a bad guy? By whose standards? If being a liar counts towards being a bad guy, then he's a bad guy in my book. He's been lying his ass off since the beginning of his campaign (even STEALING words from John Edwards in his announcement!).