Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Please don't misunderstand

It may appear to the uninitiated that my goal is to undermine Barack Obama's presidency. That is absolutely untrue. I own stocks , I own a house, I have children and a grandchild that I want to be safe. Obama failing would not be healthy to me personally and certainly to our country as a whole. I want him to get it right.

My concern is with the media and its unfettered bias towards all things Obama and Democrat. The fact that many of my posts reference Obama now and probably for awhile is because this period will likely bring about an avalanche of information that was withheld during the campaign or as the below entry suggests Obama promises that were never questioned and have now become lies.

I kept saying to myself who's going to pay attention to this bias after Obama wins? Who's going to hold the media's collective feet to the fire for their dereliction of duty? Certainly the media won't police itself and the new one party government will have no interest in doing so (check the entry below titled You can't make this stuff up).

And Chris Matthews has boldly and to his credit, frankly, admitted that he will not be soiling his hands uncovering any Obamuck during his slo-pitch SoftBall show. So campaign bias easily dovetails into post-election bias. Tra f'ing La La.

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Anonymous said...

Why did Chris Matthews pledge allegiance to the Obama administration (as seen in your video link)? Does he hope to get a job in the administration...or get exclusive leaks from Obama insiders...or win Dem support for a Senate bid in Pennsylvania?