Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Divorce of Convenience

You read it here first. My whacked out theory surrounding the vetting of Hillary for Secretary of State goes like this.

In order for Hillary to be offered the job - Bill's past and more importantly to my theory, his plans for the future are undergoing some incredible scrutiny. His contacts internationally, his charitable causes internationally and of course his sordid past may raise eyebrows as to Hillary's neutrality as Secretary of State. Apparently for her to be offered the job Bill will have to disengage from all his international activities including very lucrative international speaking engagements. Tens of millions of dollars and lots of fun for Bill are at stake. So....I predict that they will have a divorce of convenience to allow Bill to "continue with the important international charitible efforts and to provide the transparency necessary for Hillary to bring her talents as Secretary of State to the people of the United States" My quotes. Sounds crazy I know, but in this crazy new world can you deny the possibility?

Okay, I'm stepping away from the keyboard......


Anonymous said...

Would this be the first divorce where both claimed that they were putting the country first?

Jack said...

The only other one I can think of was Sonny and Cher. I know I felt better..