Monday, January 26, 2009

60 Senators have decided it's okay to cheat on your taxes

And there's plenty of time before April 15th. Although you won't need much time because creativity isn't even needed. You can just say "I forgot" or better yet "I am the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York."

Yup, stupidly, arrogantly and unpatriotically (remember how Biden says it's patriotic to want to pay more taxes?) our esteemed US Senate has confirmed Timothy (you mean an overnight summer camp is not deductible as child care?) Geithner for Treasury Secretary.

Seriously let's imagine, just for a moment, if he had been a Republican.

It's laughable, really.

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QuietMan0307 said...

Isn't the appointment to Treasury of someone who didn't pay taxes setting an example that is in and of itself anti-stimulus? Doesn't it encourage people to avoid paying legitimate taxes, thus causing less revenue to the government, thus fueling higher deficits, which in turn undermines confidence and impairs recovery? Geithner had better be as incredible as his supporters have made him out to be; otherwise he'll be a pinata.