Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gas prices lower than when President Bush took office.

To the average driver the cost savings is around $50 a week from July's high. Obama's massive tax cut will bring the average worker about $9 a week - and of course it will be offset by increasing the national debt. Lower gas prices put more money in the pocket of average Americans without costing us anything.

The gas price windfall is literally going to mean $1 billion dollars a day. Consumers are actually hanging on to that money because they fear the prediction by Obama that "things are going to get worse". Next year this money sitting on the sidelines will begin to leak back into the economy.

By the way, have you seen many television reports of happy consumers at the gas pumps talking about their joy with lower prices? Neither have I, but I saw plenty of negative stories when the prices were going up - and of course President Bush was blamed for it all.

Seems fair to me.

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