Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seven Pages and 63 questions of fluff

Sixty three questions was supposed to be a "thorough and exhaustive" vetting process by Obama in choosing people to work for him. Apparently the 63 questions weren't all that tough. I got a copy of the list; #1. Do you like me? #14 What kind of dog should we get for the children? #26 Was Bush our worst president ever? #44 What's your favorite color? #63 Do you now, and did you ever, have a BMI over 28?

Given what's happening with the discoveries about the character of some of Obama's Cabinet picks let me suggest that questions #64 and #65 should have been added.

#64 While holding public office did you ever collude with gov't vendors to your personal financial gain?

#65 Do you pay your taxes like we expect the great unwashed to do?

#64 would have been particularly helpful in vetting Bill Richardson and Tom Daschle. #65 might have sent a red flag up about Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner AND Tom Daschle.

I realize these are both unfairly intrusive questions but you'd think for an administration with the most "thorough and exhaustive" vetting process ever they wouldn't be that bad.

By the way - what d'ya think the chances are that Obama has read the stimulus bill?


Anonymous said...

And the poor vetting of Richardson, Geithner and Daschle is even more amazing when you consider that these nominations were for major cabinet positions, not minor jobs for which people might be less scrutinized. Appalling!

Jack said...

The Obama voters out there have to be a little embarassed don't they?

Probably not :(