Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google Unconscionably Leftist

I suppose this post may result in shutting out the word jourtegrity or jourtegrity lost from proper searching on Google, but I don't care.

Google has been accused of being leftist, anti-Iraq war, anti-Bush and supremely ProBama. It surely is, and for a search engine to filter its searches by ideological agenda is outrageous, shameful and frankly fascist. I will search via other search engines from now on.

Today's example. I wondered why I wasn't finding anything on the normal news sites about the historic Iraq elections today. Guess why, they are running smoothly and with almost no violence. A tremendous victory for the Iraqi people and its democratic government and of course by association the American military and horror of horrors the Bush administration.

So I typed in "Iraq election" into google and the first 9 results were tagged with the line "this site may harm your computer" I was blocked by google from entering the sites. Curious if this coincidence that the first 9 sites on the front page could be all corrupted I decided to do a test.
I then typed in "Iraq casualties" all sites came up with no warning.

In other words; enjoy reading about casualties in Iraq on google, but don't expect us to allow you to read about democratic elections in Iraq on google.

I am absolutely flabbergasted and outraged about this.

Update: Two hours later a check has revealed that the "The site may harm your computer" caveats have been taken down from all search results. Hmmmmmmmmm


Anonymous said...

The "coincidence" is mind-googling.

Kate said...

Google owns Blogger -- you may need to move your blog then as well.