Wednesday, January 14, 2009

C'mon Hill, Smart Power?

Yes We Can. Hope and Change.

I suppose SMART POWER belongs right there with the other meaningless chants. Hillary Clinton figured a nice little catch phrase would keep the Senators drooling and the press from making much of the 498 million dollars her husband has elicited from countless foreign powers over the past few years. Some people might be concerned that the guy you share your corn flakes with may have a suggestion or two on foreign policy that would somehow reflect positively on the next half billion clams of "donations".

I'm on record as already behind the Hillary Sec of State nomination, but SMART POWER has got to go. We're not selling an SAT studies DVD set here.

How about Strength Through Appeasement. That should sum it all up.


Anonymous said...

"Smart power" reminds us of the "best and brightest" which sarcastically applied to the brilliant dunces who got us into, and mismanaged, the Vietnam war. Yet many mistakenly think it was a flattering description of the liberal intelligentsia of Camelot.

Jack said...

Tell that to Jay Severin!