Friday, January 2, 2009

A Fireworks Disappointment

So at the last minute I had to go to Omaha. I was there all day on the 31st and to my wife's consternation (we had a New Years get together with friends planned) I couldn't get back until after midnight. She reminded me that we had been together on every New Year's Eve since we met in the 70s. I was bummed too because it was a very long day and I wanted to celebrate also. So on the American Airlines flight back I assumed a little bubbly would be passed around among the lonely souls (40% filled) in the back and a feeble cheer would go up. Nothing! The pilot came on at 6 minutes to Midnight and said if we catch a little more tail wind we'll see the fireworks that go off over Boston harbor at midnight as we approach. Everyone looked out the windows - no fireworks, no bubbly. What a disappointment! I found out later that there were 45 mile an hour winds on the ground and the fireworks were cancelled. Bummer.

If I owned an airline, you can be damned well sure that the misfortunates in the back who were on a flight that crossed midnight on the 31st of December would get a small bit of champagne to soothe the fact that they were away from their loved ones. It might make them remember my airline in a fond way, instead of...this way.


Anonymous said...

They should at least have given you an extra bag of nuts. Perhaps if you hadn't complained, "Do you know who I am?" they would have been kinder and gentler.

Anonymous said...

No more nuts on airplanes, where've you been? It's 2 bits of Rice Chex and a pretzel the size of a bobby pin.