Monday, January 19, 2009

Former reporter Bernie Goldberg's new book about the biased election coverage

What I really would like to see is a series of confessions. Confessions from media "reporters" who were in on the gag. Headline writers who toyed with headlines, editors who sanitized the stories to fit the agenda, assignment editors who only gave out one type of assignment. Publishers (some of them had to be old, honest types!) who gritted their teeth and looked the other way. With the layoffs in the industry somebody is going to start the flood of tattling.

Bernie's book should be good. I haven't read it yet, but will.

"Never in my memory were so many journalists so intent on effecting change as they were during the campaign of 2008. Sure, mainstream journalists always root for the Democrat. But this time it was different. This time journalists were not satisfied merely being partisan witnesses to history. This time they wanted to be real players and help determine the outcome. This time they were on a mission, a noble, historic mission, as far as they were concerned. In fact, I could not remember a time when so many supposedly objective reporters had acted so blatantly as full-fledged advocates for one side--and without even a hint of embarrassment.
"...Make no mistake: this is not the same old liberal bias we have witnessed for years. In 2008, the mainstream media crossed a line. As a result, their credibility is in tatters. Hardly anyone trusts them anymore. This is not good for them, of course. But it may be even worse for us."

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Anonymous said...

You should definitely tell Bernie about your blog! After you read his book, could you kindly give us some excerpts?