Friday, January 9, 2009

Jourtegrity Lost - Loser of the Week 010909

Jourtegrity Lost Loser of the Week is....dumb roll please...Boston Globe reporter Scott Helman. Mr Helman in writing a news story about John McCain's new PAC entitled Country First decided that the facts just aren't enough. McCain's PAC seeks to raise funds for future candidates to reinvigorate the party. The story was factually accurate (I assume) but Scott felt the need to editorialize as apparently Globe reporters are encouraged to do if a story has any chance of being fair to Republicans/conservatives/Bush Adminstration et al. So Scott decided to finish the story with this question (are journalists taught to ask questions at the end of factual news stories?) I don't think so.. His question:

Does putting country first mean supporting the president, or opposing him?

Predictable snark as a tagline. Keith Olbermann would be proud, but real journalists wouldn't.

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