Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BHO, above the fray

A recent Boston Globe report suggests that Barack Obama will be a more "presidential" president than those in the recent past; Bush, Clinton, Bush et al. Less chummy, more formal. He holds his chin a little higher and uses grey poupon on his hamburgers, according to writer Peter Canellos

You may recall that after he won the nomination and took a big lead in the polls several reporters, not sufficiently ProBama, were bumped off the campaign aircraft.

Perhaps you recall the reporter who was advised to "not waste your question" when he took a wrong line of questioning (anything apparently that didn't have to do with dog selections or school choices).

Then last week Obama came to the press room to visit reporters and he advised a reporter, while grasping both his shoulders, that "this is not a time for questioning". Mingling and photo ops were allowed but questions should wait for another time and place. No questions in a press room?

There have been whispers from the press that "access" to Obama has been too limited. What? Is it possible that President Obama is a "user"? Think of how Obama treated Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Tony Rezsko and others when he was done with them. Look under the next Greyhound.

The press - gawking, fawning about Obama and fabricating negatives about Palin and McCain have served their purposes for him. They, through their biased delivery of campaign coverage, got Obama the win. And now I suspect he realizes that he can let them eat cake.

But don't worry I'm sure he'll be more accessible in three years and they'll be the loyal, tail-wagging lap dogs he'll need again.



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