Sunday, January 4, 2009

Change. Or is that just the jingling in your pocket Part 9?

Obama was going to bring change to Washington. Good judgement to overcome the "failed policies of the past". But Obama is no change agent as we've all come to find out. He is a back room politician just like all the others. Politicians pay back the people who brought in the votes for them no matter how unsavory they may be. Bill Richardson, who was to be Obama's Commerce Secretary has resigned in a shroud of scandal over accusations and upcoming investigations of his questionable business dealings while Governor of New Mexico. The Messiah's halo has been heavily tarnished by a number of incidents that have brought his "good judgement" into question even before he beds down in the White House for the first time.

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Anonymous said...

Richardson was under a cloud of suspicion from his old days in the Clinton cabinet. Obama should have known better than to pick him in the first place. The Clintons must be cackling over Richardson's withdrawal.